About Low Rent:

Created and killed softly in Brooklyn. Thank you for your support.


The People:

WP Hughes - Editor - Brooklyn (now Miami)

Jason Koo - Poetry Editor - Charlotte (now Brooklyn)

Robert Liddell - Fiction Editor - Houston (now Houston)

Hiroko Mizuno - Designer - Brooklyn (now somewhere in Japan)


Answering the FAQ:

Sorry, back issues are no longer available. Try eBay or Alibris.

Yes, you can find books by several writers who were first published in Low Rent.

No, we are not accepting submissions, and truly that should be obvious.

No, we have no plans to get the band back together.

No, "low rent" is not a modifier of "magazine" and should not be hyphenated. Try harder if you insist on being pedantic.

Yes, we do occasionally read emails and most of your stupid tweets. Also: Thanks for the dick pics!